Achievement: Rampage!

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Getting in the Game

From the main menu of CS:GO, select Play > Offline With Bots.
Make sure to choose Arms Race.
I recommend choosing Baggage, as the tighter space allows you to find your opponent more easily.
After that, click Go, and select your bot difficulty.
It doesn't matter, as long as it's not Harmless Bots or No Bots.
Then, click Go again to load the game.
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Enabling the Console

You can skip this section if you've already enabled the console.
In order to make winning an Arms Race match without a single death as speedy and easy as possible, we'll use a couple of variables to modify the game, but these require the console.
Go to Help & Options in the pause menu.
Scroll all the way down to find an option titled Enable Developer Console.
Make sure it's set to Yes.
Now, when you're in the game, you can press the ~ key to toggle the console.
This should be under the ESC key on your keyboard.
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Console Variables

Now, we'll get to using the console.
While in-game, go into the console and copy-paste the following text into it, then press enter: bot_quota 2; bot_knives_only 1; mp_freezetime 0Each variable does something different.
bot_quota 2 forces the game to only place one bot in the match, on the team opposite yours.
bot_knives_only 1 forces the enemy bot to only use their knife.
This makes killing them easier.
mp_freezetime 0 removes the initial wait before the round beginning.
Now, in the menu, select Call Vote.
Then select Restart Match.
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The Rest is Up To You

With the modifications in place, completing this achievement is simply a matter of finding your enemy after they spawn and killing them, without letting them get in range of you to knife.
You will have to get in range of them on Gold Knife level; when you get to this point, approach quickly, alt-attack, and then get back, then repeat.
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