A better method to display on screen any text / console output (including damage)

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This video is a short presentation of what can be done with a bit of scripting

The "old" method

This is the kind of tweak that everybody uses to display damage // Enable developer console and filter the output developer "1" con_enable "1" con_filter_enable "2" con_filter_text "Damage Given" con_filter_text_out "Player:" And here is an example of script to toggle in game voices and print current value bind "F8" "voice_enable 0; clear; echo damage_[~VOICE_DISABLED~]" bind "F9" "voice_enable 1; clear; echo damage_[~VOICE_ENABLED~]" Using this method, the script above will show something like this Well, at least it works, adding "damage_" before every text you want to display does the trick, but to be honest, it also looks bad, doesn't it? Plus, this offers some very limited usage, mainly because you can print nothing except the "echo" you have created yourself.
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The alternative

After a lot of try and error, i finally ended up with this.
A script that automatically changes the console filter according to what it has to display.
Once the command is completed, it will fall back to a default value (Damage Given in our case).
This also offers countless possibilities, because the filter can be modified on the fly everytime it's needed.
Let's use this new method to display sensitivity for example // Declare custom filters alias "filter_sensi" "con_filter_text sensitivity" alias "reset_filter" "con_filter_text Damage Given" // Give an alias to a key on the keyboard/mouse bind "F8" "+mouse_sensi" // Custom filter will be applied when key is pressed alias "+mouse_sensi" "filter_sensi" // Trigger the action when key is released.
Reset the filter once the command is completed alias "-mouse_sensi" "clear; sensitivity; reset_filter" Then, when pressing F8, the sensi value will show up.
At least, it is very flexible and will work in pretty much every situation, the only limit will be what the filter can handle, especially concerning special chars.
But you can litteraly print every console output, whatever the text contains.
And all of that with only one bind! No need to manually switch between filters.
Or to use the pattern "damage_[~some_message~]" anymore.
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Here you will find some useful and practical scripts, modified with this new method.
As a good lazy♥♥♥♥♥ i don't have written all those entirely by myself.
You'll find links to the original scripts i used at the bottom.
NOTE : Pastebin links have been updated.
All the scripts given here should now work without problem.
Volume control Pastebin : https://pastebin.
com/raw/N8YhGiBi Mute / Unmute voice chat Pastebin : https://pastebin.
com/raw/0vsgampH Radar scaling Pastebin : https://pastebin.
com/raw/0XFKgvgS Sensitivity switch Pastebin : https://pastebin.
com/raw/AiEwD8pH Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

How To

- Go to steam folder C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\cfg - Download this file and copy paste it in the steam folder sample_scripts[www.
com] - Open up the console and type this command exec sample_scripts If the config has been successfully loaded, this message will be displayed in the console.
Also, it is recommended to edit the file and change the binds to fit your needs.
If you want to disable it and revert to your previous config you need to : - Suppress the file from the steam folder - Restart the game and type this command in the console developer "0" Which will completely disable text display on screen (damage included).
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Voice Chat Toggle Script http://steamcommunity.
com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=566465619 Radar Scaling Script https://www.
com/watch?v=p8_X5_3iHg4 Volume Script http://gamebanana.
com/scripts/2439 Also ty to "smokescreen" who pointed out a part of the solution on this thread http://steamcommunity.