A Complete guide to 2013 souvenirs

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Hey, I'm Aurora <3 and this is my complex and complete guide to 2013 souvenirs.
I’m making this because the current guides don’t cover what I want to cover in my guide.
This guide goes as far in depth as you can, so grab a cold beer.

[Part 1, The stickers]

These were the first stickers to enter Counter-Strike.
These stickers cannot be obtained sealed.
They only dropped on 2013 souvenirs.
2013 souvenirs only have 1 sticker on the souvenirs.
2013 souvenirs dropped with the sticker being scrapped from 20-30%, this didn’t affect the appearance of the sticker.
There are 12 stickers in total 6 classic and 6 foil (They are really holo, just called "foils" because the concept of stickers was new at this time).
Cinque Terre

[Part 2, Stickers rarity]

Here is a list of the most rare 2013 souvenir stickers.
Twelve being the most common, one being the most rare: 1.
Hitman (Foil) [Most liked] 2.
Polar bears (Foil) 3.
Shooter close (Foil) 4.
Shooter (Foil) 5.
Mountain (Foil) 6.
Blue snowflake (Foil) 7.
Hitman 8.
Polar bears 9.
Shooter 10.
Shooter Close 11.
Mountain [Least liked] 12.
Blue snowflake

[Part 3, Blue Snowflake .VS. Blue Snowflake (Foil)]

The “Blue Snowflake” and “Blue Snowflake (Foil)" are the only two stickers that have differing foil and non-foil layouts for the same sticker.
Blue Snowflake: Blue Snowflake (Foil): Cinque TerreCinque Terre

[Part 4, The stickers rotation]

For 2013 souvenirs there is something called sticker rotation, no guides or videos I have seen go over this, keep in mind only 2013 souvenirs have a “sticker rotation”.
So what is sticker rotation? Sticker rotation is the degree of the angle the sticker is placed at, for example, you can have the sticker at a 180-degree angle this is the normal angle for stickers.
But in 2013, you can also have the stickers slightly to the left and right.
In rare cases, it is possible for the sticker to be sideways.
It may be possible for the sticker to be upside down but as of now, I have never seen this.
Normal rotation: Slight Rotation: High rotation: Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

[Part 5, Sticker rotation on guns]

As you have just read about sticker rotation, there is also sticker rotation for the same gun, even if the stickers are the same and in the same spot.
This also includes if the gun is the same condition or same gun skins.
For my sample I used a Souvenir P250 | Sand Dune - Field Tested, with a polar bears sticker on the handle.
This can be seen here: Less rotation: More rotation: Cinque TerreCinque Terre

[Part 6, Sticker size]

2013 souvenirs also have different sizes for the same sticker is the same position.
Even if the skin is the same condition, has the same sticker placement or if it has the same sticker.
For the most part the higher the rotation the bigger the sticker is.
For my sample, I again used a Souvenir P250 | Sand Dune - FT with the polar bears' sticker.
This can be seen here: Smaller sticker size: Larger sticker size: Cinque TerreCinque Terre

[Part 7, Maps collections]

These are the map collections that 2013 souvenirs can come from: Orignal Six:1.
Dust II 2.
Train 3.
Mirage 4.
Safehouse 5.
Lake 6.
Italy This Collection Only Has The Glitched "Souvenir R8 Revolver | Bone Mask":7.
Bank The Souvenir R8 Revolver | Bone Mask came from the Bank collection when new skins were being added to the games in a 2015-2016 update, the Souvenir R8 Revolver | Bone Mask was created and put into packages as a mistake, this was quickly caught.
There still remains 5 Souvenir R8 Revolver | Bone Mask's, 2 being field tested, 3 being minimal wear.

[Part 8, Teams included]

These are the teams involved, Fnatic being the winner.
The prize pool was $250,000 USD.
Hosts:Norway - bsl (Jonas Alsaker Vikan) USA - SirScoots (Scott Smith) Analyst:United Kingdom - Thorin (Duncan Shields) Commentators:USA - dunN (Corey Dunn) United Kingdom - TosspoT (Stuart Saw) Finland - lurppis (Tomi Kovanen) Denmark - Anders (Anders Blume) USA - Semmler (Auguste Massonnat) Teams and members: Ninja in Pajamas:1.
Sweden - f0rest 2.
Sweden - GeT_RiGhT 3.
Sweden - Xizt 4.
Sweden - Fifflaren 5.
Sweden - friberg n!faculty:1.
Denmark - gla1ve 2.
Denmark - karrigan 3.
Denmark - cajunb 4.
Denmark - Pimp 5.
Denmark - raalz SK Gaming:1.
Sweden - pita 2.
Sweden - twist 3.
Sweden - xelos 4.
Sweden - Delpan 5.
Sweden - MODDII Copenhagen Wolves:1.
Denmark - FeTiSh 2.
Denmark - dupreeh 3.
Denmark - Xyp9x 4.
Denmark - device 5.
Denmark - Nico Universal Soldiers:1.
Poland - TaZ 2.
Poland - NEO 3.
Poland - pashaBiceps 4.
Poland - Snax 5.
Poland - byali Natus Vincere:1.
Ukraine - Zeus 2.
Ukraine - starix 3.
Ukraine - ceh9 4.
Russia - seized 5.
Russia - kibaken Astana Dragons:1.
Ukraine - ANGE1 2.
Russia - Dosia 3.
Kazakhstan - AdreN 4.
Ukraine - markeloff 5.
Russia - kUcheR compLexity Gaming:1.
USA - Hiko 2.
USA - seang@res 3.
Canada - Semphis 4.
USA - swag 5.
USA - n0thing VeryGames:1.
Belgium - Ex6TenZ 2.
France - NBK- 3.
France - SmithZz 4.
Belgium - ScreaM 5.
France - shox Clan-Mystik:1.
France - HaRts 2.
France - ioRek 3.
France - kioShiMa 4.
France - KQLY 5.
France - apEX Fnatic:1.
Sweden - JW 2.
Sweden - flusha 3.
Sweden - schneider 4.
Sweden - Devilwalk 5.
Sweden - pronax Team iBUYPOWER:1.
USA - anger 2.
USA - Skadoodle 3.
USA - adreN 4.
Canada - AZK 5.
USA - DaZeD LGB eSports:1.
Sweden - SKYTTEN 2.
Sweden - eksem 3.
Sweden - KRiMZ 4.
Sweden - dennis 5.
Sweden - olofm Recursive eSports:1.
France - Happy 2.
France - GMX 3.
France - kennyS 4.
France - Uzzziii 5.
Switzerland - Maniac Xapso:1.
Norway - ultra 2.
Norway - centeks 3.
Denmark - cadiaN 4.
Denmark - aizy 5.
Sweden - robiin Reason Gaming:1.
Denmark - MSL 2.
Denmark - coloN 3.
Denmark - smF 4.
Denmark - EXR 5.
Denmark - LOMME Cinque Terre

[Part 9, Rarest 2013 souvenirs]

The Following are the most wanted and rarest 2013 souvenirs.
These, for the most part, are very pricey.
Especially for "Factory New" and "Foil".
There is only 1 known Total Teamless souvenir to my knowledge.
The market for most of these is scarce, so good luck! 1.
Total Teamless (No souvenir information) It is unknown why this has no information whatsoever, but it's just a glitched.
Some type of odd broken glitch.
Valve Pre-Event Test (Valve squad alpha .
Valve squad bravo) This one is rare because it was the Pre-Event Test, meaning they were testing to make sure everything was in working order.
Very few packages were dropped because very few people watched it.
Therefore there was little opportunity for the packages to be obtained.
Valve Pre-Event Test (NIP team A .
NIP team B) This one is rare because it was the Pre-Event Test, more people were watching this one, but still very few, only a minuscule amount of more packages were dropped from this match.
Teamless (No team) Teamless souvenir packages were dropped throughout the games of the tournament of winter 2013.
as it is unknown why this happened, I believe they all come from another "Pre-Event Test" that was before the tournament was live, they didn't select team names, so these packages made it out of the system.
Exhibition Match (Team Tomi .
Team Duncan) Their is a lot of people that think these teams never existed, they are right and wrong at the same time.
Let's start with the name, it is called a "Exhibition Match" because it was a match before the tournament that served as a practice match, The definition of Exhibition is a display or demonstration of a particular skill.
This match was just a practice match.
It contained members from many teams but within the Team Tomi and Team Duncan, there were these players: Team lurppis (or team Tomi): 1.
Ukraine - markeloff 2.
USA - Skadoodle 3.
USA - anger 4.
Poland - pasha 5.
France - KQLY Team Thorin (or team Duncan): 1.
Russia - Dosia 2.
France - kennyS 3.
Poland - TaZ 4.
Ukraine - starix 5.
Sweden - Delpan Now let me explain the team names and where most the confusion is.
So if you go back to "Analysts:" and "Commentators:" you will see there was a analysts name "Thorin" his real name was "Duncan Shields" and a commentator named lurppis his real name was "Tomi Kovanen".
They were both captains for this exhibition match, The team names on the souvenirs take after their names in real life, not the names of the teams in the game.
Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

[Part 10, Swapped Teams]

This "glitch" if you want to call it that is odd none the least.
It swaps the names of the teams when the packages were dropped and opened from the same game.
The first states, "This item commemorates The 2013 DreamHack SteelSeries Counter-Strike Championship.
It was dropped during the Grand Final match between Fnatic and Ninjas in Pyjamas.
" The second states, "This item commemorates The 2013 DreamHack SteelSeries Counter-Strike Championship.
It was dropped during the Grand Final match between Ninjas in Pyjamas and Fnatic.
" Cinque TerreCinque Terre

[Part 11, Morphed sticker placements]

For some guns the sticker begins to morph into the curves of the gun, this isn't only for 2013 souvenirs but 2013 souvenirs show it more intensely.
Small morph: Meduim morph: High morph: Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

[Part 12, How to find 2013 souvenirs]

I will go over two ways to search for 2013 souvenirs, this first one will cover how to search by sticker, gun, condition and sticker placement.
The second one will go over how to search by game/match.
How to seach by sticker, gun, condition and placement: Go to www.
com, after you are here you will start on the Katowice 2014 stickers, just to the left you will see "DHW' 13" This stands for Dream Hack Winter 2013.
You can select normal or foil stickers, after that you can select wear or gun at the bottom left of the page.
Then you hit "search" to search with the sticker in that position only, Or you can hit "Search (ignore order)" for any gun (or your selected gun) with that sticker in any position.
This can be seen here: How to seach by match/game: Go to the steam marketplace ( steamcommunity.
com/market ).
Under the search bar hit "Show advanced options" This can be Seen here: Then hit Counter-Strike (you may need to scroll), and make sure to check "Include descriptions in search" This can be Seen here: After that in the search bar type any one of these depending on what you are searching for.
Team Tomi .
Team Duncan 2.
Valve squad alpha .
Valve squad bravo 3.
NIP team A .
NIP team B Or using that format you can search for your own.
Cinque TerreCinque Terre

[Part 13, Pricing]

Pricing 2013 souvenirs is hard.
For some of the 2013 souvenir items it is totaly impossible! This is due to a ton of reasons I will go over all of them then try to explain them.
I would try to go over basic pricing for all items but that is hard and will take so much time.
So I will just cover some of my basic items and what i and other users paid them for, aswell as some more rare items and what people paid for them.
One reason they are hard to price is their being so many one of ones out their.
This can happen for many reason, I will cover all of them.
The first reason is some are just so rare that their was only 1 ever dropped.
This can be seen here (This is a Factory New - Nitro): The second reason is that a lot of the stickers were scrapped off, so that only 1 of that item remains.
Their isn't really a image or skin I can associate or link with this because for some skins it is unknown if another skin of that type was dropped and the sticker got scapped or if it is just that rare.
The third reason is the matches played and added to the souvenir packages.
These are the only souvenirs that you can get with no team, completly empty, exhibation or pre-event matches.
Their is only 1 skin completly empty.
Their are very few skins with no team, so if you get these on the AK-47, M4A4, M4A1-S, or AWP, they will be quite rare and pricy.
It is unknown how much skins are from the exhibation matches, to my knowlegde it is between 150-200.
It is also unknown how much are from the pre-event matches, to my knowlegde it is between 100-125 for each match so 200-250 for both games (NIP A .
NIP B, and, Vavle A .
Valve B).
This makes really any items from these matches more then rare.
Here is a list of the matches by rarity: 1.
The Grand Final match {Most Common} 2.
Semifinal matches 3.
Quarterfinal matches 4.
Group Stage matches 5.
The Exhibition match 6.
Teamless matches (Unknown matches) 7.
Pre-Event matches 8.
The Empty information gun (Unknown match) {Most rare} The forth reason is sticker and placement.
This applies to all the Counter-Strike souvenirs, but for 2013 it is more present.
As it is super rare to get a foil (really a holo) in best position.
The Blue Snow flake is the most common foil.
It is super rare to get a hitman foil (holo) in best position for the AK-47, M4A4, M4A1-S, or AWP, they will be quite rare and very pricy if you ever find one.
All in all, there are alot of things that go into making 2013 souvenirs unique and rare.
If you are looking for a nice skins from the 2013 souvenirs collection, I wish you good luck.
Just know it will be pricy.
This is the second part of Section 13, Pricing: These are the more rare items: This is the one of one "Souvenir AWP | Pit Viper" with a "Frosty The Himan (Third best position)" from a Group Stage match of which I bought for $130 USD off a user in December 2018: This is the one of one "Souvenir M249 | Gator Mesh" with a "Shooter (Best position)" from a unknown match, it also lacks any souvenir infomation of which was bought off a user from a user for $30 USD in 2015.
This the only skin lacking total souvenir information: This is a "Souvenir AK-47 | Safari Mesh" with in "Blue Snowflake (Best position)'' from a unknown match of which i bought from a user for $80 USD.
These are the common items: This is a "Souvenir P250 | Sand Dune" with a "Blue Snowflake (Worst position)'' from The Grand Final match of which I bought from a user for $2 USD.
This is a "Souvenir Glock-18 | Groundwater" with a "Mountain (Worst position)'' from The Grand Final match of which I bought from a user for $15 USD.
This is a "Souvenir MP9 | Hot Rod" with a "Shooter (Worst position)'' from The Grand Final match of which I bought from a user for $25 USD.
Hopfully the pricing of these few items help, I tried to include a varity of item including date bought, match, sticker, position and so on.
I would go over more items, but I dont want to make the guide to long.
You mostly likly get the point, if you have any questions feel free to add me or ask, or comment it on the guide.
Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre


2013 souvenirs are an amazingly odd addition to the game.
For the stickers involved to the matches played, we all must agree these skins are oddly amazing.
The market for most of them is scarce, so get on the train now! Thank you for reading my guide, I am Aurora <3 and this is the end of my complete guide to 2013 souvenirs.
Please Favorite, like, and share because I updated every day I get new information.
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