99% WINNING Strategy

Published 23.08.2019 в 18:00 | Guide rating: 39


Use this tactic with your team to win important round

Important info for the tactic

Customize your tactics for yourself: I did not show all molotovs and flashes in this video, because video would have been too long.
And the rest of the molotovs you can create for yourself.
Molotov to "danger box" eg.
Positions of players: This tactic is very variative and all players don't have to go in pit (It is just random momment in this video).
You can go what ever you want.
You can go Tetris, Sandwich or underpalace.
200iq move: Player #1 (He's standing clost to T-spawn) can walk around mid and then see the bomb from connector or Short.
So A-site will be checked from 3 sides and defuse such bomb for ct will be almost impossible.
Timings: We usually let the cts waste their nades first and execute the site from 1:25 – 1:30 secs.
And if you heard someone on middle or enemy pushed and saw you, tactic can simply not be applied to this round.
So you can use it a little later in the game.
Always check these positions: After the "wall of smokes" there are only 5 positions which you must check: • Right corner at the entrance to pit (inside of t-ramp) • Left corner when you are moving out of pit (out of t-ramp) • Under palace (you are throwing molotov here) • Sandwich (you are throwing molotov here) •Triple stack (top box with the letter A) You must prefire these positions and pick the 1st kill.
The last spot on top box "with the letter A" is considered as the most dangerous.
So you should be more closely and be ready to do trade kill.


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