[2016 NEW] How to mic spam! (No other programs needed)

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Step 1 - Lets do a check!

Do you have stereo mix?To check if you have stereo mix all you need to do is Right Click the sound icon on your pc! Once done with that you can simply press on the Recording Devices button and wait for the sound tab to open.
After the sound tab opens make sure to right click on the base of the tab and check the Show Disabled Devices and Show Disconnected Devices so that you can see the devices we need.
What are we looking for?Good question random viewer! What we are looking for is the Stereo Mix Device.
If you do have the Stereo Mix Decice than you can go strait to Step 3! I don't have Sterio Mix?! What do I do?NEVER FEAR! I have your back.
All you need to do is go to "I don't have stereo mix?" and follow the steps that are given! Cinque TerreCinque Terre

I don't have Sterio mix?

Don't worry!In order to reobtain stereo mix you need to go through some horrible steps that didn't even work for me so I have come up with a better solution which is to just get Virtual Audio Cable! Here[downloads.
com] is the link to the vac software which we only need to run once! Simply unextract it and insall it where ever you want! Setup 32 or 64?Which operating system do you have? To find out simply go to System Properties and check which OS you have! Select the correct setup for you and you are ready to go to step 2! Cinque Terre

Step 2 - Setting up Stereo Mix/Virtual Audio Cable

Stereo Mix ONLY!!!!!!If you have Stereo Mix all you need to do are a few steps inorder to be able to spam music.
All you have to do is go to the Sound tab and select the Recording section to enable Stereo Mix.
Make sure you have your Stereo Device as the Default Device.
Sorry that it does not say Stereo Mix but the steps are the same is what I display.
After you select the same options I have here you are ready to go to step 3! Virtual Audio Cable ONLY!!!!!!If you have to use the Virtual Audio Cable option than its alittle bit more compicated, however its still very easy to do.
Make sure that your Line 1 Device is the Default Device and that the Stereo Device is the Default Communications Device.
Make sure you have your Line 1 Device as the Default Device and also make sure that it has the exact same options on the properties section.
Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

Step 3 - Enabling on your game!

Almost done!By opening your Settings on steam you can see your microphone options in the Voice section.
Make sure that you have either your Line 1 Device or your Stereo Mix Device enabled.
To test if you did everything right, just play some music on your computer and look to see if the Test Microphone bar starts moving.
If it does than you have done everything right and you are ready for the last step! IMPORTANTMake sure you understand your volume buttons now effect your microphone volume only which means you need to change volume manually when you if you use the Virtual Audio Cable option.
Don't worry though because you can disable the spam option by simply selecting your Stereo as your default Device instead of your Line 1.
Cinque Terre

Step 4 - Last step!

Now that we have all the technical stuff out of the way all we need to do is make a cfg file that allows you to spam music with a press of a button instead of holding it like normal.
Simply go to your Counter-strike or Team Fortress game files and locate the cfg folder.
Once you have located the correct folder make a new document and name it "mic" or what ever you want.
After that you can just paste this: alias von +voicerecord alias voff -voicerecord bind [KEY] von bind [KEY] voff Example: alias von +voicerecord alias voff -voicerecord bind o von bind p voff After that is done, just save the document as a CFG File and make sure to execute it when you start the game.
This can be done by typing "exe mic" in the developer console.
If you put the text into your autoconfig.
cfg file, you won't have to always execute the cfg file ;D.
Cinque Terre

Alternate Method (Phone or Ipod Required)

If the method above is not to your liking, you can simply use a 2 ended audio jack cable!.
Alternate MethodAll that is required for this method is simply an audio jack cable and a phone or ipod.
Simply put plug 1 end of the audio cable into your mic jack on your pc and the other end into your phone jack where your earphones would normally go.
Make sure you turn your sound all the way up! (It may not sound loud enough to you at times but it will for everyone else) If you wish to enable mic you can always just unplug the device but you can't use both mic and music at the same time.
If you wish to do this use the method below! Alternate Method (with mic enabled)If you have a 2 (or more) ended device that allows you have multiple audio devices connected to 1 device.
If you plug this device inside your pc's input jack and plug your mic and phone into the 2 ended device you can use both mic and also spam at the same time.
This diagram shows how everything should be connected! (Remember that this method requires all your settings I talked about in the above methods to be normal and untouched!) Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

How do I play music?

Well thats a good question and the answer is.
however you want! You can use the Steam Overlay to play music through youtube or even the newly intergrated music section of the overlay which is what I use for easy access to great songs that people enjoy the most.
Cinque Terre

Don't be a jerk please!

If you are in csgo competetive I would suggest that you don't spam to much.
Even if you are stressed with your team mates or anyone.
you should show that you are better than an everage spammer.
Most of the time if you play Music that is interesting to listen to, people like it.
On a small note.
If someone asks how you are doing the mic spamming.
be honest because they might report you for some kind of hacks and if they want proof then send them to this page for them to see.
On another small note.
Thanks for reading all the way down to here because it shows that you do actually care about others and have a really epic day (and lifetime).