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 All the skins I own are in this guide because all of them are important and special to me.
I own no expensive or rare items, just decent playskins which I like and enjoy playing with.
            My CS:GO inventory is always sorted and I always keep this guide up to date.
        Cinque TerreCinque Terre

Not So Important

Some (boring) facts about my profile and skin collection, for anyone interested: - I have only one game on my main profile, CS:GO.
I`ve deleted all other games because Steam dropped a sh*tty game collectors badge thus ruining the badge setup on my profile which enraged me enough to delete all but GO.
- I`m not rich, just an average semi-to-low skilled player who likes skins.
It took me a loooong time and a lot of effort to get to this point.
- I never got scammed.
- My steam level is equal to my age.
- I have multiple skins of the same kind not to get bored or one each for T and CT.
- I have no garbage skins on my main profile.
I keep only playskins I use.
- All my skins have nametags and I named all of them.
- Also I`ve applied all the stickers except for 3: flammable foil on m4 Atomic Alloy and same on deagle Blaze, and the ESL Skull foil on M4A4 Desolate Space.
- No team or championship stickers in my inventory except for 2: IBUY Power on my m4 Radiation Hazard.
I wanted to craft a fake Howl and I did, otherwise I hate all that ESL / pro sh*t.
The other one is ESL Skull foil on my M4A4 Desolate Space that looks brutal af, that is the only reason I got it.
I couldn`t care less about pro players and teams.
- I don`t own some of the skins simply because they`re too expensive or I just don`t like them.
(example: howl expensive , m4 knight expensive, awp dragon lore ugly piece of sh*t , ak serpent boring af.
etc) - Not all of my skins have the best possible exteriors.
Some because they are more affordable, some I like more in lower ext.
This inventory is not about best possible look anyway.
- I used to be a m4a1s guy, but I slowly became an m4a4 guy.
That is the reason I have more m4a4 skins.
- I have only few stt weapons.
I do think it`s a cool feature but sometimes it means the skin cost a lot more.
The kill count is not important for me, my stt counters are usually restarted every time I sort my inventory by putting skins on market and then removing them in order.
Some skins I have in stt because they look better , like the glocks , p250 and the fiveseven.
- Yes, those are all different bloodstain emoticons on my profile.
There`s 16 of them.
Enough of the boring stuff.
The showcase starts here, enjoy! Cinque TerreCinque Terre


Bayonet M9 Crimson Web aka "Red Riding Hood"I have always loved Crimson Web knives.
I did try other finishes but somehow always found my way back to CW.
The most beautifull knife in game is M9 CW (imo) .
Mine is called "Red Riding Hood" as were all my M9 CWs in the past ( I had 4 total).
Why? Dunno.
In the beginning I gave all my knives female names from fairy tales.
The CW got the name Red Riding Hood and I liked it, I guess.
I`ve even made some nice artwork about it.
Anyway, this knife stays with me forever, never gonna trade it.
Field tested with the float 0.
153 which gives it a nice mw-ish look while still remaining affordable.
Decent webbing, clean hole on play side.
I think it`s dupped , but who cares - it`s not for sale.
Used mainly T side.
Butterfly Slaughter aka "Scarlet Harlot"Well, I never thought I`ll do this.
I was against butterfly knives and not a very big fan of slaughter skins, but here I am.
I tried a slaughter butterfly on a WS addon server with my crimson weave gloves and it was so nice I just had to have one.
Now after I got used to it, I probably never gonna change it, or at least not any time soon.
Nice symmetrical pattern that I really like ( I don`t give a f*ck about real slaughter patterns like angels and diamonds and sh*t) , decent float.
Traded a bayo autotronic and lunar weave gloves for it ( just saying).
The name means Red Wh*re, basically.
Woman in red dress, the wh*re of babylon , that sort of thing.
Google it if you`re interested.
Mw with nice low float of 0.
I use it mainly CT side.
                      Cinque Terre


Crimson Weave Driver GlovesBattle scared fv 0.
47, decent looks, pretty clean actually.
I wanted red gloves and imo drivers look best in-game.
I didn`t manage to get some better float for a simple reason: too expensive.
Anyways, I`m super happy with these and not gonna change them any time soon.
Absolutely perfect match for my butterfly knife, imo.
Used mostly CT side.
Bloodhound Charred Gloves I heavily overpayed for these, because I`m stupid,probably, and because they look awesome with my M9.
I know I payed too much but I do love them so I guess I can live with it.
No going back now .
They are ww but I didn`t want higher ext because I like them beat up a little.
If you ask me mw/fn Charred look to fancy and I like them more rugged.
Got them because these look best paired with my M9 CW (imo, again).
Used T side with all no sleeve models (these gloves look like sh*t with sleeved models, if you ask me).
Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

Rifles (AK-47)

Jungle Spray aka LaNombre AKa F.
1337Now here`s an interesting one.
This is probably the only skin I never had and always wanted to get.
Somehow, it was always set aside "for later".
I recently met an insane collector of float based skins and we had a very nice exchange of thoughts about skins, I did learn some things I never knew before as I am a playskin collector.
Long story short, I ended up getting an birthday present in a form of this AK from this dude, absolutely unprovoked.
Which makes this very interesting because this is the first time in all these years somebody gave me something for no reason whatsoever except to surprise me.
My first proper float related skin mw 0.
1337 , a true leet.
The name comes from the fact that this guy has 3 acc in use with the names LaNombre, FlaMongo and LeetLeet so I tried to compose a name featuring all of those AND the float.
It`s a cool name and a meaningful one too.
Standard bombcode on wood (included in a present as the nametag was too).
I added a couple more stickers, namely dinked and flickshot.
That combo was in my head for years, first time executed and it looks awesome on this AK.
Personal note: Thanks dude! Hydroponic aka "Nebojisha Greens"It`s back! I had a field tested 0.
15 one, this time it`s a 0.
07 minimal wear.
Standard bombcode sticker on wood as all my aks, name is the same as before.
I must explain: I had a CH blue butt named Nebojisha Blues, Nebojisha being my alter ego and blues because the AK was a (semi)blue gem.
This one is mostly green so it`s Nebojisha Greens.
A really nice skin to play with.
I just hate all the attention it gets on servers.
I`m amazed to see people slap drug war veteran sticker on this skin and call it 420 and sh*t.
IT`S A BAMBOO, the stuff panda bears eat.
Jesus f*cking Christ.
Case Hardened aka "Nebojisha Blues"The return of the Nebojisha Blues.
this is the fourth CH AK with this name( explained in the hydroponic desc.
) I`ve found this rifle on first page of the steam market listings which is pretty lucky find, I would say.
It`s not a bluegem but it`s a (more than) decent amount of blue for a market price skin.
Anywaym beside the name, I`ve slapped a standard bomb code sticker on the wood and, a new for me, bullet rain foil sticker and it looks excellent on a CH.
All in all, very happy with this skin.
A CH skin is a must have if you ask me.
Btw this is the first of the "Blues" AKs that is NOT a bluebutt, which I prefer.
Vulcan aka "Live Die Repeat"I never was and I`m still not a big fan of a vulcan skin, maybe it`ll grow on me.
Minimal wear fv 0.
12, name catches the essence of this game , I would say.
Slapped three DMG holos on it , scraped to a star, because why the f*ck not.
I`ve gone mad with these dmg stickers lately but they look very nice imo.
Jaguar aka "P*ssy Rulez"Ft 0.
15, name meaning exactly what it says.
I like the jag ever since it came out.
Unfortunately I hate ESL and pro teams so I have no such stickers but I must admit, the Pink Panther version with IBPower holo is impressive.
For some reason this is the skin that feels best ingame for me.
Bloodsport aka " Lucifer Jr"At first I didn`t like this one to be honest.
Too flashy or idk.
But it grew on me I guess, now it`s one of my favourites, but I still think it`s a bit too much detail.
Nice coloring, feels great in game, not a boring skin that`s for sure.
Field tested with decent float, not that it matters.
It`s so bright red somehow reminded me of hell.
I guess devils kid would use this one it he would play CS.
No sticker on this one because it would ruin essential details.
Predator aka "Commando"I like the predator, dunno why.
I had one with two headhunter foil stickers a couple of years ago, traded it well too.
This sticker combo was in my head for a long time, and here it is.
I use it a lot on 1v1 servers.
And what better name than an omage to a great childhood movie.
So badass at the time.
Mw with 0.
07 float.
I`m thinking of getting Jungle Spray too, another great skin heavily underrated.
Redline aka "Interceptor 7.
62"Redline is a classic skin, one of top 5 all-time best looking skins overall in CSGO if you ask me.
The name alludes to Mad Max 2 movie and the police car in it, 7.
62 obviously being the caliber of the weapon.
Has 4 stickers, bombcode on wood (as all my AKs) and 3 skull holo stickers from sugarface capsule.
One of my latest creations and I`m super satisfied how it turned out.
Ft with 0.
15 float.
This is the one I probably should have made a stt.
Fuel Injector aka " Charger 7.
62"Muscle car theme must have muscle car theme name, too.
Nice AK, awesome details but still not over done, feels good ingame.
Just the standard bombcode sticker like all my AKs.
Wasteland Rebel aka "M.
Rockatansky"It`s Mad Maxs real name , offcourse.
I can imagine him having an AK like this, it has that post apocaliptic look.
MW 0.
08, nice piece.
This is the second best feeling ingame, after the Jag.
Cartel aka "Santa Muerte"Saint Death, very battle scared AK, dark and deadly.
I like the cartel skin, almost default but with awesome engravings.
I would like to have one like this irl.
I use it a lot.
Uncharted aka Rey MysterioMy older son loved him as a kid, I listened to "Booyaka 619" to many times I guess.
When I saw the mask on the weapons stock I had an Idea: get it in float 0.
0619 and name it Rey Mysterio.
And I did.
Just the standard bombcode on wood as all my other AKs.
I like the engraved wood on this one.
Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

Rifles (M4A4)

Emperor aka "Simon Says Worth It!"I can`t remember the last time I was so impatient to get some skin, especially when it`s a new skin from a fresh case, not to mention, a covert.
Awesome looking skin in game.
I had such luck to snatch a ft 0.
199 for market price ( I was refreshing market when it came out).
The float is good enough for the skin to look nice and clean.
I`m a bit tight on funding these days so I had to sacrifice my M4 Asii (which I loved but it was mostly a showpiece) and my M4A1s Chantico (which I disliked a bit since the update on the design), but it`s all good.
Even Simon said it was worth it.
Personal note: Thanks dude.
I`m still gonna slap you if we ever meet, but thanks ;) Evil Daimyo aka "Crveni Baron"Very nice, clean and cheap skin, fits nice in my favorite red/black combination.
It`s also a present from a dear friend, never gonna trade it.
Has one of my favorite sticker, the Luck/Skill foil.
The name meaning "Red Baron" is, I think, self-explanatory.
Factory new , scratchless.
Hellfire aka "Fear Not Hell"Street art is a nice touch ever since Masterpiece m4a1.
Nice colour combo, feels great in game.
Mw 0.
07 float.
The name? "Fear not hell, for if it exists, you shall find yourself in good company.
" Radiation Hazard aka "Alice"Newest addition to my inventory, I was always a fan of this skin.
I had a couple of them in mw before.
Luck/skill foil sticker, named after Alice Marcus, main character from the movie Resident Evil.
Good radiation symbol position.
Field tested float 0.
Favourite one to play with.
UPDATE: I slapped a new sticker on it, non other than IBUYpower dreamhack one to make it "fake howl".
Some people use howl stickers for that but I`m more for "if its fake make it all the way fake".
I hate all team and player stickers, this is actually the first one I use (probably the last one too).
I`m happy with the result, looks sick in game.
EDIT: added a DMG holo scraped sticker.
Zirka aka "Five Stars"Minimal wear 0.
07 , nice and clean stock.
This one was my only skin named with symbols on nametag and it`s gonna be my last.
Valve ruined it so I just had to rename it.
I cant look at the nametag with some weird code on it.
I almost sold it because of that but I like the Zirka to much.
It has GN holo and regular stickers, scraped , and a DMG holo and regular , scraped also.
Basically 5 stars, so the name is not very imaginative.
Buzz Kill aka "Who`s Zed"The return of buzzkill.
I had it before, also in field tested ,traded it and regret it so I got it back under a different name.
Added a bullet rain sticker which looks like it was made for this skin.
Who`s Zed? Zed`s dead baby, Zed`s dead.
Souvenir Tornado aka "The 6K Hrs Souvenir"Multiple reasons to get it.
I wanted a blue m4 skin, the only other is the Poseidon which is stupid expensive and looks like it came straight outa little mermaid cartoon.
I also wanted a souvenir skin of some sort because I don`t have any.
It`s a mw with a great float 0.
07 and a very clean stock.
I scraped those sh*tty shiny stickers, off course, and put on some by my choice.
The name is clear: commemorating 6000hrs wasted in this game.
EDIT: added a new MGE sticker, scraped.
Desert Storm aka "Muad'Dib"I wanted this one for a long time, I like it from the day it came out.
I know it`s not flashy much but I like the realistic look it has.
The name has a lot to do with desert, sand and such.
One of my favourite books of all time probably, The Dune , has in it all you need to know about Muad'Dib , I highly recommend it for anyone to read.
Minimal wear with a decent float.
I could have gotten a lower float but this one has a nice clean stock.
Rising skull sticker because why not.
Desolate Space aka RipleyI`ve been hunting the ESL Skull foil sticker for a looong time.
I do hate ESL/pro scene and I wanted this sticker purely because it looks awesome af.
There were some skins with it but never ones that I liked or the sticker was badly placed, not to mention the ones ridiculously overpriced .
And today this skin came on, I was probably very lucky to check the market at that exact time.
It`s well worn, not that it really matters on this skin.
The name is Ellen Ripley from Alien saga, off course.
Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

Rifles (M4A1-S)

Control Panel aka "T-437 Safety Console"Ww, though I could have gone for a bs now that I see how bright it is.
Interesting skin, I`m a sucker for these skins with normal maps.
I wasn`t even sure if I`m gonna get it because I`m more of an m4a4 player.
The name? T-437 Safety Console is what Homer Simpsons is working on at the Sprinfield power plant.
Cyrex aka "Cookie Thumper" One of early time favorites.
The name is a slang for a man who likes to have anal sex with someone, usually a prison term.
Tribute to a band called Die Antwoort.
Minimal wear.
Added a DMG scraped sticker.
Looks bad imo but I will let it be.
Master Piece aka "Master Blaster"Ye, ye.
I like Mad Max movies.
It`s that and I like how the giant cassette players from the 80`s were called Ghetto Blasters.
It`s a cool name, that`s all.
My favorite one.
Got it in well worn because it looks good enough and it`s reasonably priced.
Golden Coil aka "Royale with Cheese"Flashy.
I got a ww so it would be less bright but still.
Name is all about Pulp Fiction, off course.
Mecha Industries aka "White Supremacy"Yeah, I`m a bit on that side and it fits the skin, so I guess it`s a good name.
BS because I didn`t want it too bright.
I like how it looks in game.
Atomic Alloy aka "What A Lovely Day!"Mad Max off course.
I like this m4 since it came out.
This is a minimal wear fv 0.
07 with a nice flammable foil sticker.
Unfortunately not the best sticker positioning, I did not apply this one.
Awesome looking in game.
Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

Rifles (secondary)

Famas Djinn aka "The Big Black"I like this skin, and I play with famas quite a bit.
The name is self explanatory.
Field tested and stt.
EDIT: added sticker Bomb Code, looks very nice on it.
Famas Roll Cage aka "Bullet Farm"Newest edition to mu inventory.
I have mixed feelings about this gun: I hate the design but I love the feel ingame.
I took a battle scared one , its less bright but still looks nice.
The name is ,off course, tribute to Fury Road.
fv 0.
50 Galil Cerberus aka " Who let the dogs out"Awesome skin, love the detail on it, was my favorite until the Chatterbox came out.
The name fits it so well, the song is also my phone ringtone for the last 6 or 7 years.
Field tested.
Galil Chatterbox aka "F0k Julle Naaiers"This is one of my favorite skins in the game.
I don`t know why, it just feels so nice.
The texture details are so cool.
The name is a tribute to the band Die Antwoort, meaning is "F*ck you all" in Afrikaans.
Battle scared and stt.
Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

Rifles (scoped)

SG 553 Aerial aka "Suicide Wings"I never use this weapon, this skin is here just to fill the slot.
There are some nicer but more expensive ones, this is a very detailed weapon and is actually great looking.
Name alludes to suicide chicken wings , one of fav chows of mine (because of the wings on it and because its a suicide to step in front of this noob gun).
Factory new.
AUG Radiation Hazard aka "Chernobyl C*ka"Same goes for the aug too: I never use this weapon.
I like the radiation M4 so I thought this is the next best thing.
And it looks great.
Name is kinda self-explanatory.
Factory new.
Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

Rifles (Sniper)

AWP Safari Mesh aka "Daj Babo Glavu"There are waaay nicer AWP skins out there, but I kinda like the concept of "worst of the worst".
This is one of my oldest skins , it`s been with me since mid 2014 and I will never change it.
It took me so much time to find a right one, in times before float values.
I ended up inspecting hundreds on market and actually buying 20-ish and then making screenshots and comparing them to find the blackest one.
Then we set down with a friend of mine and discussed the stickers and the end result is great , at least for me.
I just love it.
The name is from an old Serbian movie where a knight goes to a witch asking for something and she tells him ok BUT you must answer a question, if you get it wrong off goes your head.
And then you see a monster/ghost/demon whispering "Daj babo glavuuu" roughly translated to " old woman , give me a head".
I find it to be a suitable name for this rifle.
Stickers I`m a pro, Easy peasy, Thug Life and Nice Shot all tell the story of me being awful with snipers.
Battle scarred, fv 0.
796 with a very black play side.
Mortis aka "Time To Go.
"I got another awp.
dunno why, but I did.
And a nice one, too.
Looks awesome ingame, very detailed.
I slapped a matching sticker on scope.
Mw with a decent 0.
09 float.
The name? Well, when the reaper knocks on your door , it`s "Time To Go.
" SSG08 Abyss aka "White Eyed Demon"I had one just like this one, and traded it away because the guy insisted.
Later I wanted to find a same one and ended up inspecting over a 100 pages of market to find one.
Has a greenish color with white scope.
As the AWP, this is one of "those" skins.
I love it.
White Eyed Demons are supposedly the most powerful ones so I named it so because of the white scope.
Sticker Awper is a joke, off course.
Battle scarred, because I like it more greenish than blue.
Btw, today I would probably name it "tri poloski" because of the three stripes it has.
SSG08 Ghost Crusader aka "Imperator Furiosa"Newest adition, took it because I like it ingame.
I play a lot of scoutknivez lately so I thought to have one scout for both teams.
Name inspired with Mad Max series, has a sticker Headshot Guarantee.
Field tested, 0.
Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre


UMP 45 Blaze aka "Hepo Kockica"No words can describe the awesomeness of blaze skins.
I use it a lot, one of my oldest and favorite skins.
Love at first sight for sure.
Matching sticker , flammable foil.
The name means "firestarter cube" , like for grills ans such.
CT sided.
Factory new , off course.
UMP 45 Caramel aka "Heftalica"Another rare and cool skin, one of my olders.
Matching sticker of course, the lucky 13 foil.
Name means "staple gun" and umps kinda look like that.
T sided.
low float minimal wear 0.
07 PP Bison Osiris aka "Airsoft Replica"Nice skin, matching stickers: easy peasy, sneaky beaky and pro.
I like the colors a lot, but it`s a useless weapon.
Sometimes in warmup, though, i take it for a spin.
Name-got it for sure.
Factory new.
MP7 Whiteout aka "Snezana+30 patuljaka"Every whiteout is cool and expensive if higher ext.
I didn`t want to spend much on a weapon rarely used so I got a ft.
Looks great but I just can`t make myself use it much.
Name means "Snowhite+ 30 dwarfs" as in 30 bullets mag.
Field tested with a nice 0.
15 float.
EDIT: added sticker Stay Frosty.
MP9 Ruby Poison Dart aka "Run Forest, Run!"Cheap and kinda nice, I never use it so it just fills the slot.
Must run with it constantly if you want to kill and not be killed, hence the name.
Not because the running, but because you look like a retard3d kid doing it.
Factory new.
MAC10 Candy Apple aka "Le Big Mac"As I said before, candy apples are cool.
Too bad I don`t use mac10 , ever.
Beautiful and cheap filler.
Name alludes to a movie "Pulp Fiction", one of my all time favorites.
Factory new.
MP5SD Lab Rats aka "Bubonic Plague #514"Minimal wear, pattern No1 (#514) with best positioning of the "red rat" , what else to say? Scraped the original sticker and slapped on a new one (dmg scraped) just to be different.
Very nice playskin, I must say.
Could have gone for a fn but they overprice them because of the "rare" pattern.
I got this one for little over market price but I must say it looks kinda cool with the red rodent on it.
Thanks Valve for bringing back the iconic mp5 even if it`s silenced .
Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

P90, Autosnipers , Negev, M249

I do not use them.
Not even in deathmatch.
Those weapons are a mistake, people using them are mentally challenged considering what other options they have.
I really don`t care if somebody is offended by this statement of mine.
I was actually politely expressing my disgust because steam does not support the kind of language I would prefer to use.
com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=526757839 Cinque Terre


XM1014 Teclu Burner aka "Stop! Hammer Time"I like old muscle cars , this shotgun kinda look like one.
I rarely use it so I go with a cheap but nice skin.
Name is self explanatory, tribute to a great song from the 90`s.
Field tested just to brush off some brightness.
Nova Candy Apple aka "Instant Facelift"Have all the candy apple skins, like them a lot.
Shotguns are not my thing.
Name is funny and self explanatory.
Factory new with a nice low float 0.
008 MAG 7 Heaven Guard aka "Angel of death"I remember when the heaven guard skins came out, I insta liked them.
So I got one for my mag7 slot, not that I use it often.
Name? I`m sure you get it.
Factory new, scratchless.
Sawed-off Mosaico aka "Ton of Bricks"I love this skin so much that I use it in warmup somethimes.
Rare and cool, looks awesome.
Hit you as a ton of bricks, hence the name.
Minimal wear 0.
Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

Pistols (Deagle)

Hypnotic aka "Psychotic" Great stickers, factory new.
Awesome looking in game.
Good nametag on it , imo.
Feels great ingame, I use it a lot.
Crimson Web aka "Bad Motherf*cker"I had this one in factory new condition.
It was too expencive to keep, and I also prefer it to be a bit used looking, so I got a field tested one with a nice float.
Fearsome sholo sticker to match the name.
One of my favourite deagles.
Cobalt Disruption aka "Bluz Plavih Bluza"I named it after a funny song about cops, I mainly use this one CT sided.
Has a new Sheriff foil sticker to match the cop story.
Fn with half-decent float of 0.
EDIT: added a new LEM holo sticker , scraped.
And a GN holo also scraped.
Looks good with new holos.
Directive aka "Blade Runner"Since the normal map update, this skin looks awesome - so I got one.
It has that sci-fi vibe in it, so I gave it an appropriate name.
Battle scared only for the price really.
Got a sticker for it also, it is a flicker indeed.
For some reason, it feels best in game out of all my other deagles.
Blaze aka "Smederevac"I just love it.
The deagle is my favorite weapon through all the CS begining with 1.
CSCZ, CSS and now here in CSGO.
Flawless design.
Name is a name of a wood burning stove that our grandparents used.
It`s funny to me , that`s all.
Never gonna leave my inv.
Factory new, flammable foil sticker, off course.
Conspiracy aka "Dementor" It is a dark soul taker, that`s for sure.
My favorite sticker on it, too.
I`m not a big Harry Potter fan but the name is kinda cool.
I really liked this skin when it came out.
Code Red aka "Bullet-Tooth Tony"I`ve sniped this one of the market for 3$ less than market price and it has a very nice float of 0.
16, so I consider it to be lucky.
Not that it really matters on this skin.
No stickers on this one because it needs no stickers imo.
The name is from one of my all time favorite movies, The Snatch.
If you`re interested, just search "Bullet-Tooth Tony" on youtube.
Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

Pistols (USP-S)

Orion aka "Neurosurgeon"I have a thing for usps just as for m4a1s , used to own all of them.
Three phoenix reborn stickers because they match the color so nicely.
Name is due to it`s habit of getting in peoples brains.
Low float mw 0.
07 to save some money.
Overgrowth aka "Blast From The Past"It`s back.
I really don`t need another usp but I wanted this one so badly.
I even recreated my old one, with 3 easy peasy stickers and I named it Blast From The past because it`s so nostalgic, brings back so many memories.
Decent float mw 0.
11, not bad for market price.
I`m on a budget so actually I`m pleased with this one.
Cyrex aka "Dis Iz My PEE PEE" Had to have it, just to pair it with the m4.
Not a bad skin at all.
Mw 0.
As for the name, search it on YouTube ;) .
Aded a DMG scraped on this one too (and the m4).
Looks just as bad as on the m4.
Royal Blue aka "MIG 0.
07000"A present from a dear friend, awesome float value.
I had a royal before but sold it.
Here we go again :) One of my favourite stickers too, the rising skull.
I thought this skin was the ugliest usp in game.
I still do ;) Thank you Miguda! Road Rash aka "Ja Ratujem Sam"One of the all-time favourites.
Just feels good in game that`s all.
I hate it when people name this skin "Paul Walker", this one had the same tag when I got it.
Just not funny.
Btw, the name translates to " I fight alone", it`s a great r`n`r song from the 80`s serbian scene.
Fiels tested because it doesn`t really matter, sticker knife club ,well it`s obvious I like knives .
Kill Confirmed aka " Marcus Corvinus"Best of them all.
Not in my inventory, but overall.
That`s all there is to say.
Ft with decent float 0.
The name is from the movie series Underworld, it`s a saga about vampires and Marcus ," .
he's the one.
The source.
The first true Vampire.
" Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

Pistols (Glock 18)

Grinder aka "BARBARO55A"Present from a friend , have it for a long time.
Nice (almost) all black pattern, four holo stickers on it makes a great skin to look at at least.
Name is an ingame nick of my good friend ,one of the greatest nicknames I ever heard of.
he is a ginger btw, the max red kind.
Pairs with redline.
Factory new.
Brass aka "Ezekiel 25:17"I love this skin.
Four foil sticker makes it bling the f*ck out.
My favorite glock all time, have it for ages.
One of my first crafts, it was outrages even back then.
Name is a tribute to pulp fiction and Samuel L.
JacksonsCinque Terre