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Advanced NVIDIA Settings guide + personal tips for better gameplay

Please read everything as you should know that I am not talking crap.Hello, I am Capone, playing CS:GO for like 2 years now, being ranked as Global...
Published 24.08.2019

Best NVIDIA Settings for Performance w/ NVIDIA Low Latency Mode

In this Guide, I will show you the Best NVIDIA Settings for CS:GO with Low Latency Settings Enabled.
Published 24.08.2019

CS:GO OpenCup 5000$

Let's play to 2000$ 1-st place
Published 24.08.2019

Change your panorama background (step by step)

In this guide, i will be showing you how to change your csgo panorama background to anything you want (videos from youtube, gifs, etc.)
Published 24.08.2019

99% WINNING Strategy

In this guide, I'm going to tell you about one interesting tactic on de_mirage
Published 23.08.2019

How to easy rank up to Global?

You want to get the "The Global Elite" rank in CS:GO?Then follow my steps ;)
Published 22.08.2019