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How to Not Suck at CS: GO

This continuously updating guide currently consists of many introductory and advanced lessons, map specific offence/defence/smoke tips, and an adva...
Published 04.12.2019

CS:GO I Office Grenade Guide

Hello guys! Today im going to present you this Grenade guide for the hostage rescue map Office.The guide includes Molotovs Smokes (3 of which are...
Published 04.12.2019

15 Inferno Molotovs ★NEW★

In this guide I will show you 15 molotovs on de_inferno
Published 04.12.2019

How to give all knives in CS: GO

How to give all knives in CS:GO
Published 04.12.2019

How to launch CS:GO

run csgo.exe
Published 03.12.2019

The Gaming Headset Meme

Stop falling for this overpriced, over-marketed meme crap, and get informed.
Published 03.12.2019

A Guide to Sound Quality

This guide will explain how to boost important sounds, such as footsteps, entirely 'legally' to give you a competitive edge. It will go in to in-ga...
Published 02.12.2019

Try Out All CS:GO Knives For Free!

How To Set Up? Hop into a offline server, and open up your console.Type in "sv_cheats 1", and then "mp_drop_knife_enabl...
Published 01.12.2019