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Tips For Beginners

Beginners guide to CSGO. This short guide will open your eyes to things that you have never realised.
Published 28.12.2019

Grenades New Inferno

Here are some of the most essential grenade spots for the new version of inferno made by Valve.
Published 27.12.2019


In this guide I will show you easy, but very effective Tactic on de_overpassOnly 3 smokes = Easy win round
Published 27.12.2019

Optimal autoexec.cfg

//PeaceAgent - Updated 12/20/19echo "autoexeconfig loaded" // Content// 1. Network // 1.2 Netgraph// 1.3 Networkinfo// 2. Radar...
Published 26.12.2019

Pro Player Profiles

List of teams and pro players I will try to update it as often as I can, comment any teams that you think should be on here and I will add them as ...
Published 25.12.2019

FPS BOOST - Comandos/Commands

[PT/PT-BR] Mostrarei alguns comandos e configuracoes do Windows para aumentar seu FPS e deixar o jogo mais fluido.[EN] I'll show you some Wi...
Published 24.12.2019

Profile pictures not working on CSGO

How to fix the bug where you can't see your own or friends profile pictures.
Published 24.12.2019